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1. Programme for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators " (PIII) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2019-20 : Rs. 600.00 Lakhs

2. Programme for Development of Technology Inspiring For Commercialization” (PDTC) Allocation of fund as per B.E. 2019-20: Rs. 600.00 Lakhs





Details of disclosure

This is to be filled up by respective DPIOs, In case of shortage of space, document may be brought in the



Budget allocated to each                 agency including   all plans, proposed expenditure                       and

reports                   on

disbursements made etc.

[Section 4(1)(b)(xi))

(i)     Total Budget for the public authority

Rs 12 crores for FY 2019-20

(iij  Budget for each agency and plan & programmes

PIII- Rs 6 crores and PDTC- Rs 6 crores

(iii) Proposed expenditures

As per budget

(iV) Revised budget for each agency. if any


(VI     Report on disbursements made and place where the related reports are available

NRDC Head office

20-22, Zamroodpur Community Centre Kailash Colony Extn. New Delhi - 110048


Foreign                 and

domestic tours

(F. No. 1/8/2012- IR dt. 11.9.2012)

(i)     Budget


  1. Foreign and domestic Tours by ministries and officials of the

rank of Joint Secretary to the Government and above, as well as the heads of the Department.

    1. Places visite*.
    2. The period of visit
    3. The number of members in the official delegation
    4. Expenditure on the visit




  1. Information related to procurements
    1. Notice/tender enu'aires, and corrigenda if any thereon,
    2. Details of the bios awarded comprising the names of the suppliers of goods/ services being procured,

J   The works contracts concluded — in any such combination of the above-and

d)      The rate /rates and the total amount at which such procurement or works contract is to be executed.

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’CAG & PAC paras [F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt. 15.4.2013]

CAG and PAC paras and the action taken reports (ATRs) after these have been laid on the table of both houses of the parliament.

NIL review for FY 2018-19.