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List of Projects Completed:

Pilot Project for Cultivation of Tomato in Ghana

List of Programs:

Programme for Inspiring Inventors and Innovators " (PIII) - Ongoing

  • Promotion & Propagation of Inventions and Innovations
  • Prize Award to Meritorious Inventions and open source Technologies
  • Innovate India Conference
  • Intellectual Property & Innovation Facilitation
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Facilitation Centre (IPFC)
  • NRDC-University Facilitation Innovation Centers
  • Patent Assistance
  • Patent Seminar
  • Patent Search
  • Other IPR Activities
  • On-Line IPR & Knowledge Management Courseware for Certificate Programme
  • Technology Knowledge Management Programme
  • Techno-commercial Support to Scientist, Innovators and Student for process Trial and Validation of Technologies
  • Knowledge Management Programme for promotion of Innovations / Technologies


Programme for Development of Technology Inspiring For Commercialization” (PDTC) - Ongoing

  • Digital Knowledge Base (Innovation Portal) for Commercialization of Innovations
  • Digital Portal
  • Membership & Subscription
  • Technology Value Addition
  • Basic Engineering Design Package
  • Market Survey on assigned technologies
  • Development Projects and value addition for priority projects
  • Promotion of Innovation in Rural & North East Region
  • Enterpreneurship Developent Programme in backward and rural areas through Innovative Appropriate Technology
  • Increase Shelf -life of Fruit & Vegitables through Innovative appropriate Technolgy
  • Certified Organic Fruits Cultivation & Processing Programme at Mizoram ( MFCP Certified Programme)
  • Promotion of Technology Commercialisation in the Country and abroad -Dissemination of Information through :-
  • R&D -Industry Meet
  • Conferences, Seminars , Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Foreign Exhibition
  • Publication