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1.0             Introduction


                  The need of a formal Grievance handling system has arisen, despite the fact that NRDC management believes in the philosophy of open door policy; in the matter of handling of grievances, and the aggrieved employee is welcome to meet his Departmental Head, the Head of personnel or top management to discuss his grievance.


                  Nevertheless with the complexities and problems, the need of a formal grievance system cannot be under estimated.


2.0             Objectives


                  The objective of the NRDC Grievance Redressal System is to adopt such measures as would ensure expeditious settlement of any employee grievance leading to increased satisfaction resulting in improved productivity and effectiveness of the organisation.


2.1             The objectives could be termed as:-


  1. settlement of grievances of employees expeditiously.
  2. Provide an opportunity so that the aggrieved employee derive satisfaction of speaking redressal, even from the highest level of authority.


3.0             Scope and Coverage


                  The System will cover all workmen as defined in the Industrial Dispute Act.


3.1             Grievance for the purpose of this system would only mean individual grievance and matters under the scope of the System, which can be invoked by an aggrieved employee relating to:


  • Salary payment
  • Recovery of dues, etc.
  • Increments
  • Working conditions
  • Leave
  • Transfer
  • Promotions
  • Like issues


3.2             The grievance arising out of the following shall not come under the purview of the Grievance System:


  • Terms of appointment settled prior to joining.
  • Annual Performance Appraisal
  • Matters relating to disciplinary action & vigilance cases.
  • Where the grievance does not relate to an individual employee.


4.0             Grievance Procedure


                   The scheme will follow a two tier approach to the settling of the employees grievance and shall broadly cover the following stages:-


4.1             Stage-1


                  The aggrieved employee will present his grievance in writing to his/her Head of Department.  The HOD will examine the case, and if necessary hold discussions with the aggrieved employee and try and settle his grievance.  He may also seek the advice of the Personal Department, if necessary. He shall record his comments and decision, and reply to the employee within 7 days.  If not satisfied with the reply, the employee may take his grievance to next stage.


4.2             Stage-2


                  The employee shall present his grievance in writing to the Secretary of the Grievance Committee, alongwith reply received at Stage-1, through his Departmental Head.


5.0             Constitution of Committee


                  The Grievance Committee will consist of two representatives (General Manager and one Chief Engineer) of the Management, two representatives of the Staff Union and the  Incharge (Personnel & Admn.), as the Secretary of the Committee.  The General Manager shall be the Chairman of the Committee.


5.1            The grievance Committee will settle all grievances referred to it within 15  

                  days.  The decision of the Committee shall be by consensus.


5.2             However, if consensus is not feasible, the individual comments and recommendations of the members of the Committee shall be placed before the Chairman & Managing Director for a final decision and the aggrieved employee shall be informed accordingly within 7 days.


5.3             The decision of the Chairman & Managing Director shall be binding on the aggrieved employee.




6.0             General


6.1             No aggrieved employee will take up his grievance through channels other than provided for in the scheme.


6.2             Record of all grievances shall be kept in the Personnel Department.