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1. To promote, through flexible funding schemes, the development of marketable technologies in close association with industry and national R&D institutions.
2. To evaluate the technological merits and commercial potential of incipient or mature technologies by conducting techno-economic surveys; technology and business forecasts and investment appraisals.
3. To pre-emptively protect intellectual property rights worldwide.
4. To design and engineer manufacturing plants of commercial scale.
5. To shape and manage technology contracts that are fair and equitable.
6. To test - market products.
7. To assist in obtaining certifications for products and their quality, where these are prerequisites for entering commerce.
8. To provide information on the latest technologies developed around the world and particularly in India.
9. To do an objective assessment of the commercial potential of inventions.
10. To conduct national and international patenting on cost plus 20 % service charge basis.
11. To identify potential manufacturers.
12. To negotiate licensing agreements.
13. To provide IPR consultancy to firms, R & D Institute, etc.
14. To conduct global patent search on cost plus 20 % service charge basis.
15. To give cash awards to meritorious inventions.

Standards & Procedures

1. To promptly respond to public enquires received and give all possible help in solving the problem. 
2. To respond to all enquires received with respect to technology development and management 
3. To help the entrepreneurs in successful transformation of information from the concerned Laboratories/R&D Institutes. 
4. To help the award winners in commercializing their inventions. 
5. All efforts are made to attend the queries received as early as possible but not later than 30 days provided the information sought for is not secret. 
6. Where the information sought for concerns for life or liability of a person, the same is supplied within 48 hours on receipt of the request. 
7. A complaint box has been put up at the Corporation's reception on ground floor for dropping complaint. 
8. The complaint so received is promptly attended to the satisfaction of the aggrieved party. 
9. Publishing every year directory of its officers and employees. 
10. Making accessible to public the statement detailing the Board of Directors and Prize Award committee or any other important committee concerning its operation. 

For Further Information Contact:

Shri Subodh Chawla
National Research Development Corporation,
20-22, Zamroodpur Community Centre,
Kailash Colony Extension,
New Delhi – 110 048

Office (Tel.) (O) +91-11- 29240401-0408 (Extn – 325)