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Ref: NRDC/82G408/2018                                                                                                                                           Dated : 3rd August, 2018                                                                                                                                


Sub: Channels of submission and level of final disposal of different categories of cases


            With a view to expedite the decision making in the Corporation, the channel of submission of cases and level of final disposal pertaining to Personnel & Administration Section of the Corporation has been finalized/revised with the approval of the Competent Authority. A copy of the same is enclosed.



(Gurcharan Singh)
Pers. &  Admn. Officer





No. Nature of Cases Channels of Submission
1 Appointments above Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD> Prior approval of Board
2 Appointments below Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 for a period upto two years Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD> Approval of Board
3 Approval of Conveyance Allowance SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
4 Approval of grant of Honorarium to the Deptt officers/staff./Outide Experts/Selection Committee/ACCA Members Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
5 Approval of Conveyance & Food Subsidy SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
6 Issue of Identity Cards SO(Admin)
7 Budget proposals of loans & advances Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
8 Change of home town Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
9 Complaints against employees Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD >CVO/GRC
10 Regularization of contractual/Daily Rated employees Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD >Approval of Board
11 Creation/abolition of posts Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD >Approval of Board
12 Disciplinary cases of purely administrative nature Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>Disciplinary Committee
13 Disposal of obsolete, surplus and unserviceable stores (as per DFP rules) SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A)>CMD >Approval of Board1
14 Distribution of works and re-allocation of duties, Postings & Transfers/deputation Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
15 Examination of moveable/ immovable property returns  Con(P&A)>CVO
16 Expenditure on – Training Programmes/ Conferences/Seminars etc. Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
17 Expenditure on - Entertainments/light refreshments at inter-departmental meetings   Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)/HoDs subject to delegated power>CMD
18 Expenditure on contingency SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
19 Expenditure on stationery, stores, etc as per DFPR SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD
20 Fixation of pay/Annual Increments in accordance with rules Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
21 Framing and amendment of Recruitment Rules, (CAS) etc. Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD > Approval of Board
22 Leased. Accommodation SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>Approval of Board
23 Ex-post facto approval for acquiring, selling/disposal etc. of Immovable property  SO(Admin)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>CVO
24 Constitution of Selection Committees/ACCA Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
25 Release of Advertisement Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>Sr  Mgr (HI&R)
26 Constitution of Internal Committees Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
27 Productivity Linked Incentive/Bonus Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
28 Compulsory/Pre-mature retirement and review of probity and efficacy Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>Review Committee
29 Welfare of employees/gifts/Diwali/Holi etc. S.O. (A)> Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>Welfare Committee>CMD
30 Reimbursement of Tuition Fee/Book Award Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)
31 Reimbursement of Course Fee/Orgn. Membership Fee Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
32 Grant of Child Care Leave/Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave/ Leave Encashment Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
33 Sanction of HRA/Surrender of HRA Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
34 Sanction ofPersonal Loan Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
35 Issue of engagement letter/offer letter to regular/contractual employees Con(P&A)>after approval of CMD
36 Payment of retiral jkhjhjhjbenefits/terminal benefits to resigned/retired employees Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
37 Pay Revision Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD > Approval of Board>Administrative Ministry
38 Repairs & Maintenance/Renewal of AMC/vehicle insurance/day to day purchases/hiring hotel accommodation//hiring vehicles/Ground Rent/Fire Extinguisher/Burglary Insurance/ Outsourcing of Security Services/Hygiene & Cleanliness Services etc. S.O. (A)>Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD>Manager (F)
39 Payment to Authorised Travel Agency for tickets booking Sr. DEO>Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>CMD>Manager (F)
40 Telephone, Mobile Reimbursement, Medical Reimbursement, Indoor/Outdoor/Chronic Disease, Medical Insurance after retirement S.O. (A)>Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A) subject to delegated power>Chairman Med Committee/CMD>Manager (F)
41 LTC, LTC Encashment,  TA on Transfer/Retirement Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
42 Forwarding of application for outside employment Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD
43 Promotion/ugradations Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD>ACCA>Board of Directors
44 Soft Furnishing/Entertainment Allowance etc. Con(P&A)>Inch(P&A)>CMD