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The details in respect of Boards, Committees and the minutes cannot be disclosed to the common people in the larger interest of the public and the Corporation. The Board / Committees deal with the highly proprietary / scientific information which is explicitly confidential in nature. This aspect is in the light of para 4(1)(b)(viii), Chapter II of the Act regarding exemption from disclosure of the information, which promises for not discharging information, which is sensitive to market intelligence and security.

Under exemption from disclosure of information in the RTI Act (para 4(1)(b)(viii), Chapter II) and in view of the S&T interests involved in all the programmes of NRDC following exemption from disclosure of information were recommended by the Competent Authority in general for all the programmes of NRDC.

a) Information regarding third party including copy of application and its enclosures submitted under various programmes of NRDC shall not be provided.

b) Composition and minutes of the Evaluation, Advisory, Board meetings, PA &FA Committee meetings and any other committees constituted under various programmes of NRDC shall not be provided.

c) Any information such as Intellectual Property Right (IPR) research work, market intelligence data of any institution/organization/third party shall not be provided.

d) Any information which comes under the purview of exemption envisaged under the RTI Act shall not be given