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Title: Tomato Production @ Ghana


NRDC successfully completes bilateral S&T cooperation on establishing pilot research project on tomato production in Ghana


National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) has been giving special thrust in projecting India as a source of technology. NRDC’s continued efforts to export Indian technologies and services have enabled export of technologies to entrepreneurs both in developed as well as developing countries. The extensive expertise within the NRDC along with the extensive network of national and international contacts in scientific bodies, technology transfer agencies, industrial and engineering concerns ensures the entrepreneurs receive the very best in technology and other services.

NRDC in its efforts to transfer technology to developing countries, mainly in Africa, has undertaken a project for setting up a “Pilot Research Project for Tomato Production in Ghana” in collaboration with CSIR, Ghana, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Govt. of Ghana with a financial support from MEA, Govt. of India. Government of Ghana had made a request to Government of India in May 2010 seeking India’s support to set up Pilot Research Project for Tomato Production in Ghana.

The objective of the project is to conduct problem-oriented applied research in agro-climatic regions of Ghana with a view to evolve effective cultivation techniques and measures to achieve higher yield of good quality tomato under climatic conditions of Ghana. Currently Ghana imports about 60% of their requirement from neighbouring countries.

Accordingly, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between NRDC and CSIR, Ghana in January 2013 for implementation of a pilot research project for tomato production in Ghana at three locations, namely Kumasi, Ada, and Navrongo with a financial assistance from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India for the implementation of the project through NRDC. The project implementation in the field started in 2015. NRDC had provided Fan Pad Greenhouse (for nursery) and Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse Structures and Installed Micro Irrigation System in polyhouses and open field at all the three sites under the project.

Cultivation in Polyhouse and open field with different variety of seeds, irrigation methods, fertigation (the injection of fertilisers, soil amendments, and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system), etc., was completed at all the three sites in 5-acre farms each. In spite of the challenges faced on the project, a lot of experience has been gained that will improve tomato production in Ghana. Apart from the high yield values, the Indian varieties presented better fruit qualities and above all a excellent shelf life.

In the harsh environmental conditions faced in the open field by open pollinated lines, it was observed that the tomato varieties had good flowering habits which could be converted into yield. Most varieties also had very good fruit shape. These characters could combine with the higher tolerance to improve tomatoes in Ghana. The project also has upgraded the technical capacity of local staff, especially in production under protective cultivation and has also provided a good infrastructural base for technology transfer to entrepreneurs in Ghana.

At a glittering ceremony on 5th  June 2017 in the auditorium of CSIR-Science & Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI), Ghana, attended by Ms. Mavis Hawa Koomson, Hon’ble Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Mr. George Aduro, Hon’ble Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr. Papa Ekow Baterls, Representative of Minister of Trade & Industry Mr. B.S. Yadav, High Commissioner of India,, Dr. Girish Sahni, DG CSIR and Secretary, DSIR, Govt. of India, Dr. Victor  K. Agyeman , DG, CSIR, Ghana, Dr. H. Purushotham, CMD, NRDC, Dr. A Chakraborty, Chief Scientist and Head DGTC, and Dr. Sudeep Kumar, Head PPD, CSIR, and eminent scientists from India and Ghana, the Pilot Research Project for Tomato Production was declared successfully completed, by DG CSIR, India. The Project Completion document highlighting the research findings was handed over to Dr.  Agyeman, DG, CSIR, Ghana by Dr. H. Purushotham, CMD, NRDC in the presence of the dignitaries.

On this occasion a Compendium of “Technologies from India for Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Start-ups, SMEs in Africa” consisting of more than 250 technologies, was released by Mr. George Aduro, Hon’ble Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture of Ghana. The dignitaries present on the occasion stressed the need of replicating of the project based on the success of Tomato Research Project implemented by National Research Development Corporation,  India for the benefit of Ghanian farmers.