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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics


Brief About Innovation

The Autonomous Underwater Profiling Drifter (AUPD) is a concept that enhances the real-time capability for measurement of temperature and salinity with reference to depth through the upper 2000m of ocean depth and for deep sea observations Deep Sea AUPD is applied which can measure up to a ocean depth of 5000 m. It is used to study the quantitative description of the evolving state of the upper ocean and the pattern of ocean climate variability, including heat, fresh water storage and transport.

AUPD also utilized to enhance the value of the altimeter with sufficient coverage and resolution for interpretation of altimetry sea surface height variability and for initialization of ocean and coupled forecast models, data assimilation and dynamical model testing. It contributes to the global description of the seasonal and inter-annual variability of the upper ocean thermohaline circulation.

These AUPD floats drift freely at a predetermined depth, then periodically ascend to the sea surface, report to satellite and descend again back to their parking depth for the next cycle, a typical period of 2 days. These floats are powered by Primary Lithium battery and pre-programmed for typical profiling cycles controlled by a micro controller based embedded electronics.

Contact Details:

Mr. B. K. Sahu, Manager (IPR)
NRDC-Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre,
WIPO Technology & Innovation Support Centre (TISC)
National Research Development Corporation
[An Enterprise of DSIR, Min. of Science & Technology, GoI]
First Floor, Sunrise Incubation Hub, Rushikonda
Madhurwada, Visakhapatnam, AP, INDIA
Mobile: 9810104163