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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Network based wireless system for ON LINE remote diagnostics and control of PLC & HMI for moving machines

Brief About Innovation

Description: (Uses of products and by-products)

  • Network based wireless system with unlimited I/O handling capabilities enabling uploading/downloading PLC software program from a remote location.
  • Remote On-line diagnostics & root cause analysis facilitating.
  • Remote & wireless access of PLCs & HMI system in moving machines within dedicated Wi-Fi Zone.
  • Backbone for wireless & remote condition monitoring od all SCR drives.
  • Remotely & wirelessly software modification of application program.
  • Provision for wirelessly remote Man-less operation of the moving machine provided.

Estimated future demand

  • The patent technology has been implemented for the first time in India.
  • This patent has market potential for stacker cum re-claimer (SCR) suppliers.
  • The implemented wireless system can be commissioned in various moving machines operated in steel & mining industry like Ore handling plants, Blast furnaces and Coke ovens.
  • With proper safety features of wireless system (by wireless video monitoring), the implemented automation scheme can be used not only for remote monitoring & diagnostics but centralized control also.