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Area of Technology:Agro & Food Processing

Title of the Innovation: Improved Gur Bhatti

Brief About Innovation

Description: -

Gur and Khandsari are among the major agro processing industries found in rural sector of our country. Gur bhattis are generally small bhattis fabricated by local artisans and run by villagers in rural areas. The bhatti mainly consists of an underground furnace over which sugarcane juice is boiled off in large boiling pans. The sugarcane juice is produced after crushing the sugarcane in crushers and the bagasse left over, after drying in sun, is used as fuel in the furnace. The exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere through a vertical chimney. This practice of gur making is continuing since long time by villagers.

The improved bhatti was based on the popular design normally found in North Indian region. The improvement was focused mainly towards the better design of furnace and chimney which would improve the combustion performance of bagasse, resulting in about 10% reduction in bagasse consumption and lesser smoke through chimney