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Area of Technology:Life Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Novel Bifunctional Chimeric Keratinase Enzyme from Bacillus sps

Brief About Innovation

Area of Technology : Enzyme Tech

About Process : 

A simple and novel process of production of chimeric bifunctional keratinases possessing transpeptidase, glutaminase, protease and keratinase activity.

This bi-functional enzyme has applications in number of industries such as an ungual enhancer in Pharmaceutical Industry, for de-bittering of amino acids during soy sauce processing and to increase the umami taste of Japanese Tea in Food Industry, for cell-free feather meal preparation in Feed Industry, for de-hairing of hides in Leather Industry, for decontamination and hydrolysis of meat as well as softening of meat in Meat Industry and also useful in Textile & Detergent Industries.