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Area of Technology:Sericulture

Title of the Innovation: LSM TASAR RAKSHAK

Brief About Innovation

Tasar silkworm (Antheraea mylitta D) is reared in tropical India for production of tasar silk in commercial scale. Rearing of tasar silkworm suffers major loss (around 40%) due to different silkworm diseases caused by pathogenic organisms. Certain leaf surface microbes (LSM) of tasar food plants (Terminalia arjuna) are capable of inhibiting the growth of other microbes including the pathogens of tasar silkworm. The potent antagonistic bacteria having a strong antimicrobial action are cultured in the laboratory and the formulation prepared is sprayed as foliar application during rearing of tasar silkworm which prevents and controls bacterial and viral diseases of the silkworm larvae reared on its food plants in outdoor condition. The trials resulted in reduction of silkworm diseases and increase in cocoon production to the tune of 12-14 cocoons per DFL (disease free layings). A net gain of Rs.1000.00 per 100 DFL’s has been obtained at the farmers’ level by investing Rs.40.00 towards the cost of this formulation.

The newly evolved formulation is economic, eco-friendly, cost-effective and can be easily be affordable by the tasar growers.

Plant & Machinery: 

Bioreactor / Fermenter, Laminar air flow, centrifuge, lyophilyser, glass vial filling and sealing machine, microbiological incubator-cum-shaker, etc.

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