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Area of Technology:Sericulture


Brief About Innovation

Muga silkworm (Antheraea assama) is one of the economically important wild silk reared in tropical North Eastern region of India. It is a polyphagous insect, which feeds on leaves of Som, Soalu and other plants. The muga silkworm rearing is semi-domesticated and multivoltine in nature and reared by about 35000 farmers’ family. Precious golden yellow muga yarn is produced from the muga cocoons. Muga silkworm rearing being outdoors is exposed to various rigors of changing environment and is prone to number of bacterial, viral and fungal diseases causing crop loss and cocoon production. Among the fungal diseases, muscardine disease caused by Beauveria bassiana is predominant and causes upto 60-90% losses in muga silkworm crop. The LAHDOI formulation for the management of muscardine is in powder form and is non-toxic to silkworm and non-phytotoxic to the host plant. It is used for foliar application on the host plant of muga silkworm during any/all rearing stages after suitable dilution. By using LAHDOI there was improvement in the effective rearing rate of muga silkworm and reduction in disease incidence. The cost benefit ratio worked out was 1:75.24.

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Chemical Mixing Machine, Chemical Filling Machine, sealing machine, etc.

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