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Area of Technology:Sericulture


Brief About Innovation

Seri-gold is a general disinfectant formulation comprising eco- and user-friendly chemicals effective in the disinfection of silkworm rearing house and rearing appliances. Seri-gold effectively inactivates the pathogens of silkworm diseases such as grasserie, viral flacherie (infectious flacherie and white flacherie), bacterial flacherie, muscardine and pebrine. Seri-gold has advantages over the existing general disinfectants such as formalin, bleaching powder, chlorine dioxide, etc, which are based on environmentally not-so-friendly chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine. Seri-gold does not emit any pungent smell and has no health hazards to the users such as damage to the skin unlike that of formalin and bleaching powder solutions. It is non-corrosive and highly effective in prevention of all silkworm diseases and is cost-effective.

Seri-gold is thoroughly tested both in laboratory and with selected farmers. It was effective in the control of all silkworm diseases and increased the cocoon yield. More than 10-13 % increase in cocoon crop yield was observed during the field trials covering 7400 dfls (4050 bivoltine hybrids and 3350 dfls cross breeds) and in 36 trials at farmer’s level as compared to the existing disinfection practice with chlorine dioxide and Seri-gold was found to be user-friendly and no adverse effects were recorded. Seri-gold would help in a long way to decrease the disease incidence in silkworm crops thereby increasing the productivity and to achieve sustainable cocoon yields by the sericulture farmers.

Plant & Machinery: 

Simple chemical mixing equipment, packing and sealing machine, etc.

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