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Area of Technology:Sericulture

Title of the Innovation: COCOON CUTTING MACHINE

Brief About Innovation

Identification of the males and females at the pupal stage itself is required in order to pair the moths immediately after emergence for which cocoons need to be cut open and the sex determination carried out. Presently the cocoons are cut manually using a blade and on an average 400 cocoons per hour can be cut by a single person, which works out to be 3500-4000 cocoons per day (in a shift of 8 hours). The cocoon cutting machine can cut 6000-8000 cocoons per hour or about 50,000 cocoons per day (in a shift of 8 hours). The machine can be operated for long hours. The machine is simple in construction and can be fabricated/manufactured using locally available material like mild steel (angles, rods, etc), bearings, V-belts, pulleys, bolts and nuts, electric motor (1/2 HP), etc.

Plant & machinery: 

Fabrication/Mechanical workshop with facilities for turning, spray-painting, sheet metal cutting, welding, etc.