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Area of Technology:Sericulture

Title of the Innovation: COCOON DEFLOSSING MACHINE

Brief About Innovation


1. Hand Operated Silk Cocoon Cleaning Machine
2. Hand Operated-cum-Motorized Silk Cocoon Cleaning Machine

The silkworms produce an unreelable layer of silk over the cocoons called floss, which must be removed for further processing (like reeling, silkworm egg production, etc). Presently the cocoons are manually deflossed and on an average 20 kg of cocoons per hour can be deflossed by a person (in a shift of 8 hours). The deflossing machine can defloss 50-100 kg cocoons per hour (depending on the capacity of the machine used) or about 400-800 kg cocoons per day (in a shift of 8 hours). The machine is simple in construction and can be fabricated/manufactured using locally available material like mild steel (angles, rods, etc), bearings, V-belts, pulleys, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, bolts and nuts, electric motor (1/2 HP), etc.

Plant & machinery: 

Fabrication/Mechanical workshop with facilities for turning, sheet metal cutting, welding, spray-painting, etc.