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Area of Technology:Agro & Food Processing

Title of the Innovation: Subsolar-cum-differential rate fertiliser applicator

Brief About Innovation

Area of Technology : Agriculture 

About the process : 

Subsoiling upto 500 mm depth with the main tine and upto 250 mm with two shallow leading tines.

Fertilizer placement in bands (25 cm) at depths varying from 150 mm to 250 mm (80% dose) and remaining (20% dose) at 350 to 450 mm depths at application rates of 500-1000 kg/ha as per need while subsoiling.

Lower Specific Draft (1/3rd of Convention Subsoiler) and 3 to 4 times more soil disturbance than single leg subsoiler/ chiseler with about 20% increase in draft.
Replaceable soil wearing parts such as share, wings, shin and foot alongwith adjustable depth control wheels. 

Suitable for subsoiling in laser levelled as well as controlled traffic field conditions to minimize soil compaction.