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Area of Technology:Sericulture

Title of the Innovation: POWDER DUSTER

Brief About Innovation

Application of chemical disinfectants (bed disinfectants) in the powder form using a muslin cloth along with a few pebbles in it and then shaking it over the silkworms is a general practice for reducing the disease incidence during silkworm rearing. This process does not evenly spread the disinfectant as well as the disinfectant affects the person who does this operation. The powder duster which can be operated on electric power (battery or AC power) spreads the powder uniformly on the surface of silkworms without raising any dust and is very safe to the operator. The machine is simple in construction and can be fabricated / manufactured using locally available material like plastic plates, steel rods, small electric motor (DC), electric switch, wires, etc.

Plant & machinery: 

Fabrication/Mechanical workshop