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Area of Technology:Sericulture


Brief About Innovation

Presently used ‘Takli’, N.R.Das and Chowdary spinning machines are quite primitive and difficult to operate with low output. The yarns produced from these devices are uneven and without uniform twist. Operation of these machines is difficult and pedaling causes abdominal pain due to heavy flywheel. The CSTRI motorized-cum-pedal operated spinning machine is designed to operate at varying speeds. The machine is operated by a pedal and also works on a single-phase motor requiring a low electric power. This motorized-cum-pedal operated spinning machine can be run either clock-wise or anti clock-wise to spin yarn with ‘s’ or ‘z’ twist and this facility does not exist on the conventional machines. Movement of the ring rail permits uniform distribution of yarn on the bobbin, which facilitates in easy re-reeling. The machine can be fabricated using locally available material.

Plant and machinery: 

Fabrication workshop with facilities for turning, drilling, metal cutting, welding, spray-painting, etc.