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Area of Technology:Sericulture

Title of the Innovation: HYDRODYNAMIC INCUBATOR

Brief About Innovation

Silkworm eggs should be incubated under ideal climatic conditions to facilitate healthy development of embryos and success of silkworm crop. An optimal temperature of 25±1oC; relative humidity of 80±5%, a photo period of 16:8 hours (light : darkness) and free circulation of air are necessary for the purpose. In addition to the climatic factors, strict measures have to be taken to protect the silkworm eggs from natural predators like rates, lizards, ants and other insects during incubation. The hydrodynamic incubator consists of a grill box encircled with a porous material acting as cooling element. The bottom of the box has provision for wetting the porous material for prolonged periods. The physical and functional features of the device eliminate most of the disadvantages encountered with conventional methods of silkworm eggs incubation.

Major Machinery: 

Simple fabrication setup