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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Intelligent LED UVC Sterilizer Unit (Most Suitable of COVID-19 Prevention)

Brief About Innovation

In the context of the present pandemic, the hand washing and use of mask may not be enough if objects of regular usage like mobile, wallet or key chains are budding with germs. Inspite of our best preventive measures, it calls for one tainted object to make entry of infection inside the house. A Intelligent UVC LED Sterilizer Unit has been developed to bring an extra protection. The developed device is an intelligent, portable, safe UVC Led based disinfection device, designed to sterilize germs, right to your doorstep for you and your dear ones to be safe at the touch of a button. The design facilitates wireless and sensor based operation with added features for safety of users.


Can be used to sterilize Electronic gadgets (mobile phones, remotes, power banks etc.) and personal use items like masks, keys, watches, wallets, currency notes, spectacles, jewellery etc.