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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: BIO Gas VSA Process

Brief About Innovation


Converting bio-waste materials to renewable fuel namely biogas through anaerobic digestion is an attractive option with favorable CO2 balance. The use of biogas gains more importance in Indian context as India has approximate 300 million bovine animals and by tapping cattle manure approximately 18240 million m3 of raw biogas can be produced in India.

Process Highlights:

1. Simultaneously production of high purity methane and carbon dioxide streams 
2. A CH4 purity of >90% with over 92% recovery of methane achievable 
3. The adsorbent used is commercially available zeolite material 
4. Simpler PVSA cycle involving less complicated process steps 
5. Low energy requirement (0.089 kW/mol of methane product) 
6. High adsorbent productivity (14.05 mol CH4/ kg /hr adsorbent