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Area of Technology:Civil Engineering

Title of the Innovation: Fast Setting and High Strength Polymer Concrete Composites (PolyCC)

Brief About Innovation

Fast Setting and High Strength Polymer Concrete Composites (PolyCC):-

A Fast Setting and High Strength Polymer Concrete Composite (PolyCC) for Rapid Repair of Runways has been developed. The PolyCC is based on Unsaturated Polyester Resin system as the binder resin. It is based on two types of resin systems mainly for rapid repair of runways, helipads and bunkers.

It develops very good compressive strength within two hours due to three-dimensional cross-linking of the resin. The technology does not require any water at all.

PolyCC can be useful for other wartime rehabilitation requirements viz. fast construction / repair of missile launching pads, Class ‘A’ roads, Test Beds and anchoring of different military structures. Other civil applications include fast repair and construction of express highways, bridges, underground structures, industrial floors, pipes, panel slabs and foundation.

Advantages of PolyCC Technology:

  • Innovative technology requires no water at all.
  • PolyCC can be prepared using locally available fillers & Aggregates.
  • Workable at hot as well as sub-zero temperature conditions.
  • High compressive strength (> 400 kg/cm2)

Besides fast setting and high strength, they possess additional characteristics, viz., excellent adhesion, water tightness, surface smoothness and resistant to chemical, heat, abrasion and fatigue.

Note*: This technology will be license through the bidding process only & the last date of bid submission is 30-09-2021.