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Area of Technology:Agro & Food Processing

Title of the Innovation: Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer

Brief About Innovation

The electrostatic force field has been exploited in the design and development of an air-assisted electrostatic sprayer for agricultural applications to increase the mass transfer efficiency, pesticide bio-efficacy, uniform deposition, maximum canopy coverage and liquid pest to reach the hidden areas and underside of the target by reducing the drift of active ingredients of pesticides from the target microorganism. Electrostatic force field application is the current trend in pesticides spraying to protect the crops, vineyards, orchards and trees from many dreadful diseases and insects. This is the first work of its kind in India and very few are practising it worldwide. Electrostatic spraying technology offers a very favourable approach to increase pesticide droplet deposition onto biological surfaces with two-fold of mass-transfer efficiency. The equipment is specifically useful for small scale farms with a specific focus on Indian agricultural and rural developing economies.

Technical Specifications
 Liquid flow rate : 150-200 ml/min
 Air pressure : 30-40 psi
 Spray coverage : 25-35˚
 Resistivity range : 10-1 - 103 Ω-m
 Deposition efficiency : 2-3-fold
 Power supply : 9.0 dc battery
 Uniformity coefficient : 2.52.
 Droplet density : 283droplets/cm2
 Spray deposition : 55.04*10-6 cc/cm2
 Horizontal spray loss : 24.38*10-6 cc/cm2
 Vertical spray loss : 90*10-6 cc/cm2
 Bio- efficacy : 64.20%