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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Finish Turning Machine (TGPR-CNC)

Brief About Innovation

Finish Turning Machine (TGPR-CNC)

Finish Turning machine (TGPR-CNC) is a special purpose automatic CNC machine for performing machining operations such as finish turning of outside diameter grooving and chamfering on outside diameter of piston rings. In addition, operations such as loading, clamping, unloading and aligning piston rings on to output stacking unit are also performed automatically on the machine.


Standard materials commonly used such as various categories of steels, rubber, phospho bronze, Ferrous & non ferrous etc. Standard components include Motor, Electrical control elements, Bearings, O-Rings, Circlips, Fasteners, ballscrews, Poly V-belts etc.,

Major Raw materials Utilized:

Machining range

  • OD (Min) : 70 mm
  • OD (Max) : 160 mm
  • Chucking width (Max.): 25.4 mm


  • Speeds (step-less) :100 - 400rpm
  • Motor: AC 7.5 kW


  • Easy operation
  • Better productivity
  • Maintenance at a low cost.

Finish and Turning Machine (TGPR-CNC).PNG

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