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Area of Technology:Agro & Food Processing

Title of the Innovation: Improved Rice Husk Particle Board

Brief About Innovation

Increasing demand for wood and wood-based panel materials cannot be met from forest resources alone. The Rice Husk Particle Board manufactured using abundantly available rice husk can successfully substitute the demand for panel materials. Also, these boards enable the utilization of waste material and can be produced at low costs.


The improved rice husk particle boards have the following distinctly advantageous properties when compared to wood particle boards and other similar panel materials:

  • Termite Resistance
  • Decay Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Rodent Resistance

Rice Husk boards are manufactured in various densities, thicknesses, types, and grades to suit a wide range of applications. The manufacturing process based on highly innovative technology ensures quality in the total sense. Few product applications are Wall Panelling, Doors, Windows, Furniture, Table Tops, etc. 


Husk Feeder Blower, Dust Separator, Cyclone Husk Cleaning/Dust Extractor, Grinder, Sieving Machine, etc.