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Area of Technology:Life Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Multiplex PCR Detection Kit for detecting virulent genes of Enterococcus faecal in water and seafood (MPCR)

Brief About Innovation

Multiplex PCR is a widespread molecular biology technique for amplification of multiple targets in a single PCR experiment. E. faecalis enrichment medium is a novel optimized medium to attain sufficient cell growth within 3-6 hrs from the pure culture, water, food and clinical samples. E. faecalis Multiplex PCR detection kit is a complete kit which contains: 1) All required components for the optimized enrichment of E. faecalis growth 2) Digestion buffer enable to extract the crude DNA from the pure and enriched cultures 3) Unique-E. faecalis Multiplex PCR master mix for the specified amplification and detection of virulent genes 4) Positive and negative NIOT-E. faecalis Multiplex PCR control mix helps to identify and interpret the virulence range of the pathogen.