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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: Low Carbon Footprint Adsorptive Process for Production of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Brief About Innovation

Process Highlights:

•    The process developed will remove diesel sulphur from 450 ppm to < 50 ppm, meeting the Bharat Stage IV specifications 
•    The hydrogen requirement will be 5-6 times lower than the conventional diesel desulphurisation process. 
•    CO2 emission will be accordingly lowered 
•    There is only limited nitrogen requirement for purge purposes. No additional recycle gas compressor is required for nitrogen . This will reduce the capital        expenditure substantially. 
•    The adsorbent is regenerated thermally with air . 
•    Effluent streams can be handled with in existing refinery treatment facilities. 
•    Operating pressures are 10 to 15 times lower than conventional diesel hydrodesulphurisation processes. 
•    Substantial savings in equipment costs for adsorber and separator vessels are there due a to low pressure operation . 
•    Commercially available zeolites can be used after proper modifications.