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Area of Technology:Agro & Food Processing

Title of the Innovation: Clean Bioprocess for White Pepper Production

Brief About Innovation

White pepper the de-skinned black or fresh pepper is the most valued form of pepper (almost double value of black pepper). Common method for making white pepper is traditional retting, which affects the product quality significantly.

The process is designed to cleave the pectin molecular bonding between the skin and oil glands of the pepper kernel by the action of enzymes produced in-situ, This is facilitated in tanks by circulating liquid from a reservoir of a microbial culture grown on degraded pepper skin medium. This bioprocess completes skin removal in 2 days for green and 4 days for black pepper under designed conditions.

Major advantages for the new process are the following:

  • Achieves better quality white pepper (No foul smell)
  • No loss from process damage
  • Inexpensive and fast
  • Simple operation and scalability
  • Pollution free process with the recovery of energy and bio manure as by-products