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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: Hydrophilic Breathable Polyurethane Coating Resin

Brief About Innovation

Breathability is a property of materials and composites, which permits the escape of moisture and the heat associated with that moisture from the interior of the garment to the outside environment. In general, fabrics exhibiting a combination of waterproofness, wind proofs, and water vapor permeability are referred to as breathable fabrics. These fabrics constitute one of the major components of individual protective clothing used in fire protective clothing, High altitude conditions, sportswear etc. Present generation breathable fabrics use water vapor permeable polymeric membranes for this purpose.

The developed Hydrophilic breathable polyurethane coating resin is an indigenous waterproof breathable polyurethane resin formulation, which can be used for coating fabrics. The PU film exhibits an excellent combination of waterproofness (~100 mbar), tensile strength (~ 4Mpa) and breathability (~ 1400 g/m2/24h). The coated fabric prepared using the developed breathable hydrophilic PU resin exhibits waterproofness > 500 mbar and breathability > 1000 g/m2 /24h. PU resin coated directly on base fabrics has a lot of potential in sportswear, rainwear, specialized military clothing etc.

Note*: This technology will be licensed through the bidding process only & the last date of bid submission is 12-08-2022.

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