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Area of Technology:Chemical and Allied

Title of the Innovation: Petroleum Based Electrode Grade Impregnating Pitch

Brief About Innovation


The adopted pitch process is based on catalyst aided thermal polymerization. In this process, aromatic rich feedstock is subjected to thermal soaking at atmospheric pressure and in inert atmosphere. During thermal soaking cracking of alkyl side chains, polymerization and condensation reactions take place, which leads to formation of pitch.

The novelty of this process is the addition of small dose of selective organic free radical initiator catalyses the above reactions at a faster rate resulting increased in throughput

Process Highlights:

•     It can be used for making some other types of specialized pitches suitable for productions of carbon fibers and needle coke etc. 
•     It is much more economical in terms of energy saving. 
•     The by-products can be utilized as a source of naphthalene and for industrial solvents. 
•     It can be easily integrated with petrochemical plants and refineries and offers a great value addition