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Area of Technology:Coir

Title of the Innovation: Cocolawn Readymade natural Lawn

Brief About Innovation

Area of Technology : Coir

About the process : 

A ready made lawn of natural grass consists of:  a layer of netting material made of coir, a single or plurality of non- woven layers and a layer of fertilizer of treated coir pith (CPROM) and natural grass on the coir pith layer. The netting can be placed on a sheet made of plastic material such as polyvinyl chloride or polythene. Non-woven layers provide thickness to the lawn and allow grass roots to get entangled in the non woven material.  The layer of coir pith gives a support base to grass. Coir pith layer can be treated with other nutrients such as mushroom seeds and urea etc. and allowed to mature till the weight is substantially reduced as lignin is consumed by fungi or mushroom seeds. Readymade lawn can be made in the form of rollable blankets, which can be laid on any surface.