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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Above Elbow Myo - Electric Arm

Brief About Innovation

Above Elbow Myo-electric arm consists of gripping fingers, palm, wrist and elbow joint of upper limb. It can be fitted to arm of any person who lost his hand in any accident subject to his residue muscles are still active. The arm further has two DC motor one for hand movement, another for the movement of the elbow joint.

EMG sensors are there to pick up Myo-electric signals from the stump, circuitry to process and condition the signals to perform the opening and closing of hand and Micro-switch/wireless switch for elbow flexor and extension. Finally a case in which the entire setup is placed to provide a cosmetic appeal.


  • Micro-controller Based Palm operation & Switch controlled Elbow movement with fixed speed.
  • Intelligent prosthesis with variable hand speed setting according to user preference.
  • Consistent Speed and self-Locking Elbow using Lead Screw mechanism.
  • No back lash during work .
  • Lightweight, simple in manufacturing and durable.


  • Low capital investment
  • High employment potential
  • Maximum use of local raw materials and manpower resources
  • Adaptable levels of sophistication
  • Raw materials and products testing