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Area of Technology:Electrical & Electronics

Title of the Innovation: Indigenous Sub Bottom Profiler

Brief About Innovation

This is the first of its kind indigenously developed product in India as a part of the "Made in India" program. The product is an indigenously developed shallow water (up to 30m water depth) chirp Sub Bottom Profiler which can scan sea bed. Sonar can generate Sub bottom profiles up to 1m in sand and up to 5m in clay/mixed layers. It is a SONAR system which can be towed by a vessel. It can be operated even with a fishing boat where big vessels cannot reach such as rivers/lakes. It is fitted in a tow body. The prototype system assembly can be customized further for other platforms as well.

Salient Features:

  • Sub-bottom profiler with sub systems like transmitter, hydrophone, DAQ, Power amplifier etc. are Indigenous. It is user friendly where frequency of operation, power etc. can be varied.
  • Several in house trials has been carried out in laboratory, harbor and sea.
  • The transceiver was developed in collaboration with Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  • The final product developed shall be used for underwater surveys and Sub bottom mapping, oceanographic, Organizations, Ports and harbors and defense and other marine applications.
  • Prototype need to be transformed to a standard commercial product with an Industry.
  • The specification of the system shall be made available on request.