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Area of Technology:Life Sciences

Title of the Innovation: Production of Various Gluconate Salts by Fermentation Technology

Brief About Innovation

Area of Technology:Fermentation Tech

About Process:

A fermentation process for the production of various Gluconate Salts having several pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industrial applications

Gluconates have several established pharmaceutical and other industrial applications. As Calcium, Ferreous, Copper, Maganesium, Managanese and Zinc Salts these find use for oral and injectable metal ions supplement for human, animals and agriculture use. Sodium Gluconate being an excellent metal sequestrant find application as metal or bottle cleaning
agent. It has the ability to slow the process of cement polymerization at reduced moisture conditions and has been used as additive by cement industry in Europe and Japan.

Now-a-days all chelated metals applied in agriculture are being replaced by Metal Gluconates like Calcium Borogluconate, Copper Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate and Zinc Gluconates, providing safer & higher crop yields.